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Stamped concrete adds a shaped design element to the already durable concrete base. Designs such as brick, tile, and stone shapes can be made into your concrete through the use of stamps. Due to these shapes, stamped concrete flooring in San Diego is almost always used outdoors. Patios, driveways, walkways and sidewalks, and around your garden, or swimming pool decks are great areas for this design. You have surely seen examples in homes of San Diego suburbs such as La Jolla Carmell Valley! Stamps can also be used for concrete walls or concrete countertops.

Stamped Concrete San Diego can turn the most boring floor into amazing and trendy designs everyone will compliment. We have years of experience and the right materials for professional results. Ask us for ideas or show us your favorites!


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This picture shows a stamped concrete contractor in San Diego
This picture shows stamped concrete design
This picture shows San Diego stamped concrete path. The concrete blocks have different sizes.

Stamped Concrete Benefits

How we Love to Install Stamped Concrete in San Diego

✔ Different forms and shapes
✔ Cost-Effective
✔ Add a design
✔ Durability

Concrete flooring has a lot of benefits. These are transferred to stamped concrete flooring. Concrete as a flooring substance is very hard to damage, lasts a very long time, and is cost effective. As your stamped concrete will most likely be outside, minimal maintenance of concrete is an added benefit compared to wood decks and flooring.

Stamping provides added value in design and visual appearance as plain concrete can look very boring and drab. Stamps can make concrete look like tile, brick, and or stone shapes. There are many types of stamps, so many types of shapes. The pictures above show some examples, but the possibilities are endless.

There are other design types outside of stamping, including concrete staining which can also be used indoors. Should you find any damage look for for concrete repair and concrete resurfacing before the problem evolves. Visit our concrete flooring page for more information of the benefits of concrete flooring.

Stamped Concrete Progress

 1. Layout of Flooring: Planning the concrete layout is very important especially when it’s outdoors as there are no predefined walls for the concrete to set. The formation and reinforcement of the formation will ensure that the shape of the flooring. The proper slope for water drainage must be planned in this stage.

2. Laying Concrete: The concrete is placed in the forms.

3. Concrete Leveling: After the concrete is placed, it must be leveled immediately since concrete is fast drying. The leveling also ensures that that the concrete is flat or sloped as desired for the design.

4. Coloring: Depending on the desired finished design, color may be essential. If wanting for the concrete to look like stone for example, a whitish or black color may be used. For brick stamps, red could the color. There are many ways that stamped concrete can be colored depending on the actual color and finished texture needed.

5. Stamping: The design of the stamps must be mapped out before stamping. It is important to stamp while the concrete is still drying or stamping can not occur.

6. Curing: This increases the density of the concrete, which will make it more durable and strong. In exterior concrete flooring because of the abuse Mother Nature gives in the form of wind, rain, and snow, this is a very important part of the process.

7. Joint Installation: Joints are installed into the concrete flooring to minimize any obvious cracks. Cracks are difficult to prevent overall because of temperature changes during the day and night, ground shifting, and other weather effects. Cracking is more likely to happen near or at the joint however rather than in the middle of the design.

8. Sealing: The final step is to seal off the concrete to close its pores with sealer. The sealer will prevent dirt and moisture from intruding into the concrete. It can also give the finished product a shine or sheer to it for the design.


San Diego Stamped Concrete Contractors

Stamped concrete is an exceedingly difficult task to do by yourself. Laying the foundation and leveling the concrete may be something you can do, however the layout of the stamps is the hard part. Once dried, it is very difficult to repair or change any design aspects to cement flooring. If you make a mistake when stamping, you may not be able to get rid of it! That is why San Diego Stamped Concrete Contractors exist just like us! You may also want to make sure it matches with your system pavers San Diego

Perfecting stamped concrete is more complicated in San Diego the closer you get to the ocean. Getting salt water into your finished concrete will greatly diminish its lifetime. If you want professional assistance with your stamped concrete flooring project, our San Diego Masonry Contractors can help you from start to finish. Let us know what you want for your free quote today.

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