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No backyard paradise is complete without a beautiful pool deck. Our masonry knowledge and experience allow us to be amazing custom pool deck builders in San Diego County. We have taken pool paving projects in and around San Diego, Chula Vista, Oceanside, Escondido, Carlsbad, El Cajon, Vista, San Marcos, Encinitas, National City, La Mesa, and Santee and other cities nearby. Call us for free quotes and consultation.

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Pool Deck Materials

When looking for the best pool deck material, there are important factors to consider. The best pool deck material will be one that resists waters, is non-slippery, lasts long, and stays cool under the sun. Finally, looks are important and you want to pick a material that also looks good and ads value and happiness to your home.

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What is the best material to use for a pool deck?

Traditionally, most swimming pool decks are made of concrete. There are other materials you should consider. For example, pavers, brick, and stone. Our paving contractors in San Diego are experienced with all the above options. Each type of material has a different look, maintenance, and tolerance to heat and water. We have helped countless San Diego residents customizing their pool and patio areas.

Concrete Pool Deck Installation

Poured concrete is the cheapest and most popular material used for pool decks in San Diego. However, a pure concrete slab is purely functional and does not provide the wow factor most people are looking for when building a pool. In that case, most homeowners look for a stamped concrete pool deck or a staining concrete pool deck. Others lean more towards a concrete pavers pool deck. All in all, the good thing about concrete is that it is durable, water-resistant, and non-slippery.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is the other option you have to create beautiful and functional concrete pool decks. First, aggregate has a pebble-like finish which is perfect to ensure slip-resistant pool decks. Second, adding stones with contrasting colors creates a dramatic visual effect that will catch anyone’s eye. To make sure the finish is not hash on your feet, we recommend adding 1/8th inch polished stones in place of raw stones.

Pavers Pool Deck

Pavers are man-made paving stones. They are easy to install and therefore labor can be very affordable especially when you hire good masonry contractors like us. Pavers also tend to stay cool under the sun, which is important when considering the hot summers in San Diego. You can safely walk barefoot without burning your feet. Pavers can be made from different stones as well. For example, travertine pavers are common due to great durability, slip and heat resistance. Travertine absorbs water instantly which allows the surface to stay practically non-slip. Pavers can be found in different colors as well. Red and ivory are always a trend. Nonetheless, pavers hold their color well for years under the sun. Call us for a free quote on San Diego pavers installation for your swimming pool or patio.

Tile Pool Deck

Tile decks are an option for the homeowner who is looking for clean and practical options. There are many options for color, size, and style. Moreover, the installation process is simple compared to other decking materials. Porcelain, ceramic, and brick tile are the most common types used. When choosing tile, choose a light color to stay cooler in the sun.

Other materials

There are other materials you can use for the area surrounding your pool, however, we don’t usually recommend them. For example, paver bricks. Installation can be time-consuming because bricks are small and each one must be set individually. The main problem, however, is that they absorb heat and are likely to burn your feet if you are walking barefoot in the Summer. Bricks are better used for San Diego brick walls.


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Pool Deck Designs

If you want your poolside deck to stand out consider making it curved. It will of course be more expensive than installing a square or rectangular design. A slight slope will be needed to ensure that the water drains. The slope should be one-quarter inch per lineal foot. It needs to be sloped away from the pool to keep dirty water and debris away from the pool. Nonetheless, our pool deck builders will be looking for a strong foundation. For example, concrete, pavers, and bricks all require excavation and a base of sand or gravel.

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