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Part of being a brick mason in San Diego is to create strong and sturdy brick creations through brick laying, mortar, patience, and skill. With such talent, we can create anything from simple brick walls, to retaining walls, outdoor kitchen and barbecues, patios, and steps. As brick wall contractors in San Diego, we have constructed buildings made of brick and often build brick interior and exterior walls for decorative purposes. Moreover, we have built brick patios and brick retaining walls throughout many of the cities in San Diego, Chula Vista, Oceanside, Escondido, Carlsbad, El Cajon, Vista, San Marcos, Encinitas, National City, La Mesa, and Santee and other cities nearby.

Benefits of Brick Construction

Brick construction is created out of clay, lime, sand, a mortar, and sometimes concrete. Depending on the project, we can use lightweight or heavy stacks of bricks. This type of construction has been around for thousand of years and never goes out of fashion. That is mostly because it is very sturdy, has potential to create a design and style, and is affordable to build. Call us and ask us for quotes for your projects when you need a brick mason.

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Decorative Brick Walls in San Diego

We are proud to provide the people of San Diego with beautiful decorative brick walls. Our bricklayers are capable of building block fencing, of creating brick wall designs. Other popular materials we use are stone, for example. When it comes to brick work, some of our customers want brand new block walls. Others want the look of the brick for a more rustic style. That is usually done through the work of brick veneering.

Brick Veneer

Brick veneer is a single layer of full-sized bricks which are installed right next to an exterior wall. In another works, the weight of the full structure is on the inner walls and not on the brick. In this instance, the brick serves as a decorative element as opposed to structural. As you can imagine, brick veneer is easier to install than solid brick. Therefore, if what you are looking for is the look and feel of the brick, brick veneer is a more cost-effective way to get it.

Brick veneer can also be done adjacent to an interior wall as a decorative. It is often used around fireplaces and chimneys for example. On exterior walls, San Diego county homeowners love it for an outdoor kitchens. They often request a brick design from our patio contractors in San Diego.

Solid Brick Walls

Bricks can be produced in different colors and sizes. Most people like the traditional look and feel of brick for a rustic style. Others like to be creative use paintings and drawings. Still today, there are people using brick wall construction for their home and even commercial buildings. Fences are another example where bricklaying is used. For security reasons, build them high. For decorative purposes and delimitations of property between neighbors, build them low and they will last a lifetime. Another common use for solid brick is building retaining walls.

Brick Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are mean to protect and contain soil from a structure or a building. They provide vertical support, while create a new deck area that you can use for a patio or a garden for example. You can use stone, concrete, or brick to build a retaining wall. Brick retaining walls are usually cheaper to build compared to concrete or stone walls. One of the reasons for it the fact that it requires less labor and resources. Our San Diego retaining wall contractors have a lot of experience with that service including creative designs. We can give you ideas for paving contractors in San Diego as well.


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