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Concrete is not only a rough textured block used for building. If you think of the last time you were in the San Diego Fashion Valley Mall, you were walking over smooth concrete flooring. The polished floor is aesthetically pleasing and a very different form to this commonly used building material. We are very experienced in quality concrete polishing in San Diego.

Concrete is difficult to damage, durable, and relatively easy to maintain. The mirror like appearance is very nice to look at and often seen in commercial and industrial businesses. For residential homes, polished concrete floors are commonly seen in the garage, basement, and sometimes as patio floors.

Concrete polishing is very popular. Did you know that an estimated 15% of all new floors installed are polished concrete floors? There are advantages of polishing over concrete staining or stamped concrete


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Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring

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Reduced Maintenance – You do not need to strip or wax polished concrete floors for cleaning or appearances. It is simple to clean and dust the sealed surfaces and dirt comes off easily.

 ✔ Stain Resistant – Stains have a very difficult time taking hold! After the sealant is applied to the top layer, the polished concrete will be able to repel water and even oil in your garage.

 Affordable – Compared to other types of flooring, concrete is very affordable. This becomes evident when you take into account the reduced maintenance required and the durability. Over the lifetime of your floor, polished concrete flooring will save you a lot of money!

✔ No-Risk of Efflorescence – Efflorescence is a natural process of salt or crystalline deposits being left behind of the surface of brick, stone, and concrete after the minerals in water are left behind. Properly polished concrete does not have to worry about efflorescence compared with normal concrete surfaces.

Please note this is different from concrete resurfacing and restoration. To find out if concrete polishing or a polished concrete floor is right for you, please reach out to our San Diego concrete and masonry contractors.

Other services you may be interested such as stone retaining walls, brick wall contractors, and San Diego pavers installation can be reached in the same fashion. Call us today (619) 514-0223.

Concrete Polishing Process

How we Polish Concrete in San Diego

  1.  Concrete overlay placed over concrete foundation
  2.  The overlay is ground mechanically with increasingly finer bounded diamond meshes
  3.  Dusted concrete is removed and the overlay is continuously ground
  4.  Densifier coating is added on top between the grinding sessions
  5.  A sealant is applied to cover all pores at the end

This process of polishing an unpolished concrete floor is a manually intensive job and has many steps. Hiring a professional will decrease scratches in the final product and ensures your floor will last by decreasing water seepage. Let our masonry and concrete pros at Masonry Contractors San Diego help you install or polish your concrete floors today!

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