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Some San Diego areas can be quite hilly. Usually, the areas north and east of the San Diego city area. If you live in Mission Hills, Bankers Hill, Hillcrest, Paradise Hills, Del Cerro, Bay Terraces for example, you know what we are talking about. Our retaining wall contractors in San Diego have served all the above areas for many years. Call (619) 514-0223.


Retaining Wall

Not everyone needs a retaining wall in San Diego. The purpose of building a retaining wall is to support soil in a hill. Basically, it creates different levels. You can call it a platform. The obvious reason o build a retaining wall is to prevent it from sliding. The second advantage is that you will actually add more living space to your yard that way. Thing about it. If your yard is on a hill you can’t really do much there. If you add these areas of flat ground at different levels you can create nice patios. Or you can create a really nice area to plant trees, flowers, or even some produce if you wish. Maybe even get a pool deck builder. Some people even go the extra mile and do beautiful designs for these holding walls.

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this picture shows retaining wall contractors San Diego. The retaining surrounds part of the house with plants on it.
this picture shows a retaining wall in a garden in Clairemont, San Diego. There are plants on it.
this picture shows a brick retaining wall in san diego


Retaining Wall Block San Diego

The most original retaining wall blocks in San Diego are made out of stone. Basically, the stones are stacked and there is no need for any mortar or filling. Some people call it a “dry wall” or “dry stack”.

The biggest benefit of using stone blocks for retaining walls is that it is a natural drainage system. That means that the water will not accumulate behind the walls just like with concrete. As a result, the wall is much more durable even with bad weather. The other advantage of using stone blocks is that they are heavier and may withstand the pressure of the soil better than concrete.

Concrete Retaining Wall

Nowadays, the most popular retaining wall blocks are concrete. Many homeowners prefer those because they are more affordable and allow for more design options. Concrete blocks can be custom-made and allow for more design options. You can even use stained concrete or stamped concrete. Their durability is great for the weather we get in San Diego. 

Other options for retaining wall materials are: brick, rocks, wood, flagstone, metal, tile, mortar, rustic, ceramic, treated timbers, railroad ties, manufactured blocks, and manufactured stones. Despite the differences between all the materials for retaining wall blocks, the purpose remains the same. The same goes for paving, you can check with out paving contractors San Diego.

Retaining Wall Design

Walls can be used as decorative as well. It you have a steep hill you really can’t do much on your yard, can you? Adding these walls will give you a chance to create a flat space for your yard. Some people call it garden wall blocks. They can be used to create beautiful hardscapes. Ignite your creativity. Retaining walls and steps are trendy too. And if you are out of ideas, be sure to ask us! We have so much experience that we know what the best options are for each type of slope and yard configuration.

Permits for Retaining Walls in San Diego

There are two situations in which the City of San Diego requires a permit to build a retaining wall.

✔ The wall is higher than three feet (measured from the top of the footing to the top of the wall).
✔ The wall holds surcharges of flammable liquids (driveways, walkways, structure footings).

A retaining wall permit is specifically designed for each type of retaining wall. That means there are different forms and fees. After the permit is issued, the work starts. The construction will be subject to inspection which we are very used to. Our retaining wall contractor will guide you through the process and help you with your application.

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