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Are you looking for a better outdoor space for your home? A patio is the favorite place for many to unwind from all of life’s stresses. Our team of patio contractors San Diego are the patio building experts. We are here to help you create the patio of your dreams!

There are so many different types of patios depending on the size and slope of your space outside. Some patios are on the ground, some above. Others want a nature look, and use shelter as a priority. You can get so creative and add design to it. Our San Diego patio contractors have done countless patios for barbecues, pools, pathways, or simple areas to enjoy the sun and a Sunday brunch with the family.  Whatever you had in mind, here are some ideas to help inspire your future patio. 

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Ideas for Patios

Brick, Stone, Wood, and Concrete Patios

This picture shows a beautiful patio built by our patio contractors in San Diego

Basic Patio

A well designed area to place your furniture and add some order to your yard. Patio flooring can be designed to fit any personality.

This picture shows a concrete patio builder in San Diego. It is made of concrete around the swimming pool.

Pool Deck

An area to lounge and enjoy the sun. Concrete is the favorite material for pool decks

This picture shows a concrete fire pit build on a San Diego patio

Fireplace or BBQ

When the hangout area is more geared towards the evenings these are great features to have. Look into concrete countertops too!

This picture shows a covered patio builder in San Diego. It shows a swimming pool and a nice concrete patio area.

Patio Cover

Patio Cover is a great idea when there are not many trees or if you live in an area that rains a lot.

Our Process

By Our Experienced Patio Builders in San Diego 

The patio is your personal space and therefore unique to you! Here are some of the steps used by our patio builders in San Diego with years of experience. It will help you understand our process of bringing your patio to fruition:

  1. Initial consultation – All consultations are entirely free. This is where we discuss your wants and needs and give you different options to inspire ideas.
  2. Design – The look and feel will be your ideas, but it’s not the only thing we need to consider. These are some of the aspects that we will also need to figure out with our design process:
    • Measurements
    • Ground slope and strength
    • Water drainage or pooling
    • Shade if applicable
  3. Materials – We work mainly with stone, bricks, concrete, and wood. We will address what is best for you and your patio
  4. Final Consultation and Approvals – Dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s, we want to make sure that everything we plan is what you envision. After the initial deposit is received, your work will be scheduled.
  5. Construction – We will work with you on timing and coordinate everything. Sometimes schedules can be delayed, but we will always keep you in the loop as to the progress and what to expect.

We offer free consultations to decide the best option for you. You may want to look at our driveway pavers San Diego if you want to make it match. Please fill out the form or contact Masonry Contractors San Diego for your free consultation now!


Concrete Patio Contractors San Diego

Besides brick, wood, and stone, we also use concrete. In fact concrete patios are always trendy in California. Our concrete patio contractors San Diego have built many patios using concrete and recommend it to anyone looking for affordability, longevity, and easy maintenance. In fact, you don’t need to sacrifice beauty and style with concrete. Basically, the type of floor you choose to your patio can define the personality of your home. For examples, simple concrete slabs with small grass in between can be add a charming effect; while a beautiful concrete staining or stamped concrete design can add elegance and sophistication. Concrete pavers is great for color variation but more labor intensive. Call our San Diego concrete patio contractors for ideas and free quotes!

Stone Pavers San Diego

This picture shows a concrete and stone pavers in San Diego done by the swimming pool deck.

Stone pavers are great for a more unique personality to your hardscape in San Diego. Although they rarely crack, each place is replaceable which is a great advantage of stone. The durability of most stones is amazing. Examples of common natural stone pavers are flagstone, slate, travertine, and limestone. Stones tens to create a more asymmetrical and rugged feel, although some can be pretty linear. While stone patios are more expensive than concrete, they can be the right option to some people. Having it done right by our Stone Pavers San Diego can help with decreased time and costs for maintenance such as weed growth and cracks. Call us for more info!

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Our masons and San Diego patio builders have extensive experience with concrete, brick, and stone patios. Most people don’t know the pros and cons of each type of patio available and we love educating them for the best choices. Rest assured we are:

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