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Almost every single home has a driveway. Some are simple and standard. Others, are beautiful and pleasing to the eye leaving the homeowner proud and buyers excited. If you are not happy, you’re your current driveway call our San Diego driveway contractors to transform your space!

Asphalt vs Concrete Driveways

Have you lived in houses with asphalt and concrete driveways? If you have experienced both you should have a clear idea about their differences. First, they comprise a mixture of sand and stone. Second, you need a substrate of gravel to then lay the materials over it. The difference relies in the actual adhesive that holds the two components together. For asphalt you have to use tar. For concrete you have to use cement. That is where the main differences in the longevity and maintenance of this materials are.

Asphalt is more likely to break and requires more frequent maintenance. However, should you need concrete repair, it will be a more difficult job than asphalt repair. The fact that concrete does not get damage as quickly also means it will last longer in the long run. The other difference between the two is its beauty. An asphalt driveway looks boring, just like the street down your house. Concrete is so versatile that you can totally transform the way your yard looks by having a nice driveway alone. The drawback is that concrete costs more than asphalt. But if you are looking to maximize curb appeal, durability, and infrequent maintenance, concrete driveways are worth the price.

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Driveway Designs San Diego

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You may not have realized it yet, but your driveway can make a significant impact in your home value. Just like retaining walls and patios. People get drawn by the exterior before they are interested in the interior of a home. is more important to your home’s curb appeal than you might realize. That is why a visually attractive driveway design with decorative concrete can increase the value of a house. Moreover, it will likely increase how pleased you are about your own home. That is why most homeowners find it worth it to invest in concrete driveways San Diego.

If you want your driveway to stick out and look unique, ask us about concrete staining work and stamped concrete contractors San Diego. We have done beautiful projects in many San Diego driveways and would love to check out your location to give you ideas.


Let Us Build You Beautiful San Diego Concrete Driveways

The standard grey driveways are the most affordable option and will last just fine. But if you are looking to maximize on curb appeal and style let’s explore the options. Our San Diego driveway contractor has many decorative possibilities for you to pick from. For example, you may choose a variety of colors and patterns to create a stunning stained concrete driveway. Or you may prefer elegant textured designs made from stamped concrete San Diego. You can get really creative! For paving, check our page and see why you should consider us among the paving companies in San Diego.

this picture shows a driveway repair in Oceanside, San Diego

Driveway Repair San Diego

Keeping a safe and attractive driveway is crucial to your home’s appearance and your family safety. The same goes for a business looking to initiate a welcoming environment for their customers. Our driveway repair contractors offer expert techniques to repair and revitalize a damaged driveway. We use lasting materials that can handle multiple cars, trucks, and SUVs. In case of a damage, we will assess the ground in which your current driveway stand and advise you on the best alternatives.
If you notice any damage to your driveway contact us as soon as possible. Repairing it before it gets worse is important to avoid more complicated and expensive repairs.

From Installation to Maintenance & Repairs

We offer a full range of services. From the initial design, followed by installation, maintenance, and repairs. As some of the best concrete contractors San Diego we will provide you with quality service every time.

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If you choose to work with us, you will have our long experience, skills, and honesty. That alone will provide you with the best ideas and recommendations for your yard and home configuration. Not only we build amazing driveways, but also use prime quality materials. Our work will last you for years to come!

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